Our homes are so much more than places to live. We express our values and uniqueness with our selections, we strengthen relationships with others through hospitality, and we draw comfort and peace in our spirits from our surroundings. If beauty feeds your soul, then creating the right space to live in will deeply affect your life in myriad ways. Good design is more than just a real estate investment, it’s an investment in yourself and everyone who enters your home.

This philosophy means my interiors are designed to communicate a sense of vitality, character, and serenity. I use natural materials like real stone and plant fibers, as well as salvage items like pedestal sinks, clawfoot tubs and reclaimed wood, and pay careful attention to selecting color. The result is both classic and comforting. The “wow” factor comes from the overall harmony and a few understated but unique elements.

AB’s logo is a design on a spoon handle unearthed at a prehistoric settlement. The elegant whorled circle manages to create a density of beauty in a small space, and to suggest movement in the natural world, perhaps swirls of wind or water. I aim to bring this simple yet unique elegance to the spaces we create in your home.

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