Home design

atienoSpace is important. Perhaps you find yourself here knowing you want something more from where you live or work; beauty, harmony, vitality, serenity, comfort, welcome, grounding, inspiration. Please know, all these are within your reach!

As a designer since 2010, I have found that you as a client want to be engaged in your project and know that your trusted advisor is listening, to feel confident in the knowledge and skill of the experts involved, to know what to expect, and to have those commitments honored.

As an AB client, you will benefit from our lessons learned while conceptualizing and executing remodels. For example, as Lead Designer, I believe in the practicality of bringing the contractor on at an early stage to save time and effort. I believe in staying within budget, and finding creative solutions to unforeseen conditions. I believe in using images to bring clarity to our agreements on our intentions in your space. And, I believe in the collaborative process; creativity is bringing good ideas together.

I currently specialize in bathroom redesigns. If your bathroom isn’t your “happy place,” it can be soon! Bathrooms are a relatively low-budget and quick remodel that can make a huge difference in quality of life.