bathroom remodel

Interior Design and Renovation Services

Home tour

Room by room advice with digital document notes


Help to pare down your possessions and order them elegantly and ergonomically


Decor done to your taste and budget


Guidance on room concepts, remodel drawings, permits, DIY and purchasing

Bathroom redesign and renovation

Combining rustic, classic and minimalist styles and using natural materials to create a personalized spa

Commercial Renovation

Opening a new restaurant or place of business? Tap into your creativity to communicate your signature values through an inviting and exciting new space that offers customers a coherent experience throughout



Our process begins with a free consultation about your needs; we walk the space and discuss initial ideas.

If you decide to move forward, we will jointly create a scope of work draft that becomes, in its final form, our contractual agreement. We include only the services you want, and we can add services later as needed. (There are always surprises in remodeling!)

As we collaborate, I can help you source materials and design elements, choose colors, and troubleshoot and revise original concepts.

If your project requires a contractor, I can bring honest and knowledgeable professionals to complete it, and manage their involvement so you don’t have to.

The process closes with a walk-through together. I am not happy unless you are happy!